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Access to Care Facts

    Do you believe that oral health care is an essential factor affecting total health care?  Undoubtedly, the answer is a resounding YES! Then consider the following Access to Care Facts:

  • 40% of Americans are not receiving the oral health care they need

  • 53 percent of 6-8 year olds and 84 percent of 17 year olds suffer from the most common chronic infectious disease - dental caries

  • children missed nearly 52 million hours of school this year due to dental treatment problems

  • Workers lost more than 164 million work hours due to lack of treatment for dental disease.

  • Those in need of oral health care live right here in your community, Pinellas County



Community Outreach
The ADHA and Colgate has awarded our own Maryellen Tilly the ADHA/Colgate Community Outreach Award 2009. The Head Start Caries Intervention Program provided preventive care to over 1500 children in Pinellas County in the past year. Maryellen's tireless efforts along with many RDH volunteers has made the Head Start Caries Intervention Program a success in our community. Our thanks to Maryellen and everyone who volunteered, including the staff of Head Start, who assisted in the implementation. It is our hope that Head Start will take the success of the program to a state level and help even more children.



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